Ok…so here is the problem…Jane & John Citizen with a wall full of gold parenting stars…always on the TV …glowing and talking about embracing your special kid, celebrate diversity …..blah, blah and blah….THEIR Aspie kid screams in beautiful melodies and shits rainbows too I bet.  Oh ..and they n-e-v-e-r loose control ….oh noooo!  Yeah well FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! Whew! THAT felt better! These people look like cardboard cut outs with giant teeth and REALLY make you feel like a dirt bag if you occasionally resent being parent to an autistic child.  I mean….HELL..where would I be with out ALL THAT SELF LOATHING???  Here is my point…Its not supposed to be this hard.  We go into this parenting thing with…well ..something like The Walton’s or Brady Bunch in mind….and end up with something more like Monday night smack down.  OH YES….I JUST LOOOOOVE BEING MOM TO A SCREAMING,SPINNING,SPITTING,KICKING 130 POUND INFANT!!! gee sign me up for 9 more just like him!!! Hell no I DON’T ENJOY THIS! Ok before we go dialing Nancy Grace…ask yourself this; do you actually enjoy the Autism part? No fluffy bull crap about love…and it being them….look a better question….if there was a cure,  wouldn’t you do anything to get it? Ok so point made. I love Loud very dearly. I will do anything to help Loud. Some days I don’t want to be his mom….does that mean I will Roast in hell? I doubt it…and u know what? I really want that cure. 

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