Wow I tried really hard to blog every day. Guess my vision of being a famous blogger is not gonna happen lil.   Its been interesting to say the least. Being the caretaker now that my work hours are reduced.  Loud, who has been put to bed at 9 -9:30pm for years…apparently needs a 6 pm bedtime.  He actually enjoys the early bedtime, and is easy to work with in the morning. Dali’s bedtime was pushed up to 7pm.  Moody’s bedtime remains the same.  Well I’ve been letting Moody babysit Dali but not Loud.  She begged for the paying gig for over a year now, but state laws have age restrictions.  Now that she’s 12 she can lawfully babysit.  Good news…she’s the best sitter Dali’s ever had! Not intimidated by the seizures and a first aid whiz!  Bad news….Loud’s sitter was a relative.  A little tit for tat dispute and….no sitter….oh well…just grab up the yellow pages and look up sitters…under sub category for willing to babysit autistic child for regular Wage (ok ok ….its all I can afford!) ….and then I woke up from THAT dream and done what any sane patent would a done….I flipped the heck out!  OMG!! OMG OMG!!!! One of us is going to have to quit working! Well what happened is this; I offered Moody a raise and Boom  set our bedroom up like a apartment.  Loud camped out there, and largely ignored Moody and Dali.  They had strict instructions to leave him alone. Moody did it in fine style!  It helps alot to be in the south.  The neighbors on each side and in front of us,  offered to jump in and help Moody at a moments notice.  Two of the families have stay at home parents who are always home.  So Moody has a lot of support and I can be home in 25 min now that Im working closer to home.  Life is getting better!

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