my kids have progressed well this school year so far. We are already on the superintendent watch list for unapproved absences, and had ISS. On a dang roll we are. My son has entered middle school. This school has services and programs the elementry school did not have. He now has a social skills class. I do wonder sometimes if its more of an hour break for his teachers? Well thats beside the point. His social skills come to a screeching halt this year. His friends he had since grade 1 are scattered about in differnet classes, and new friends are hard to find. When your autistic, you can double the hard. Now he has these boys in his social skills class to be his friends. It feels a little orchistrated at best. But I can tell you this, one friend from elementry school was assigned to the group also. Only one of these boy has parents who are…um…super involved. Ok lets be real. “fucking crazy parents reliving their idea of a perfect childhood through their kid” I wonder if these little souls only seem autistic because of the extreem over involvement in their life. Now this one boy is a new friend and his parents are just exausted and forever ready to get a break. So he comes to our house for playdates. Its ok with me, but I honestly don’t think these kids like eachother. I think they co exist maybe. I think this kid comes to visit because he likes the aspie friendly environment and the abundence of autistic luring toys. ipods, legos…ect ect ect. I never see them play together at all.