Its that time of year again! Shopping,decorations and visitors! Oh and of coarse…turning the world upside down for your autistic child!  Its hard to remember how hard it is for our special kids.  Even if you wanted to go extreme ….avoid the changes, or if you dont celebrate..its still hard in them.  They are ready to spin, bite and scream in the blink of an eye.  Why?  Parental stress, changes to environment and extra commotion.   I have a friend who is Jewish….her autistic child freaks out this time of year too.  They notice the neighborhood lights, extra traffic and all.  Loud enjoys all the lights, and asks to go see them.  It still plays havoc on his nerves.  So we know why? But what to do?  Keep in mind Im a parent, not an expert.  (So my advice is actually low pressure environment is key.  The child’s room, a spare room- any space you can give up for a while.  It should be a holiday free zone.  If you can afford it, some kids really like the fluffy throw rugs.  Have them participate in traditions like tree decoration and cooking.  If you don’t stress, they won’t stress. 

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