Im 31 years old. What we used to call parenting….is now called child abuse.  My poor little Dali, finally reported that little bitch Gecko! (Hell yes Im gonna change this BRATs name to Gecko!) Poor Dali is in grade 3, and a tender 8 year old. Ok..she’s also a whining, tattle tale , annoying brat.  I really love her. The other side of her is a beautiful little angel who no matter how mean somebody is to her, loves them with every breath in her little body.  Before her seizures got under control, she had partial seizures that caused her to wander off, bark (yes I said BARK) and piss her pants….and these little fuckers have NEVER let ANYONE forget it.  Gecko and her 2 little copies torment my sweet Dali.  They bully other children into ostracizing Dali. Ive heard from other parents that this kid threatens other kids and tells them not to be friends with Dali….Gecko is in BAD NEED OF A SPANKING!!!! But of coarse….that’s CHILD ABUSE!  RIGHT????? I don’t know where these people are Comming from. In my day, if a kid was acting like that, or especially if they was mean to a special needs child….well….you got YOUR ASS BEAT!!!! we KNEW better. Now its perfectly ok if a kid turns over another kids wheelchair in school.  We will blame processed food….WHAT??? little Tommy beat up a Downs child??? OMG! Give little Tommy a hug and SUE BURGER KING!!!! Get a grip folks and go see if grandma still has that old paddle.

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